The Spookiest, Scariest, and Funniest Halloween Traditions from Around the World

The Spookiest, Scariest, and Funniest Halloween Traditions from Around the World

Halloween is one of the fun, scariest, and most exciting holidays. After all, who doesn't love dressing up in scary costumes and getting free candy? 

This year, check out these unique Halloween traditions from around the globe to make your next Halloween even better! So grab your broomstick and spellbook because we're heading on a magical journey worldwide!


In Ireland, Halloween is celebrated on October 31st. It is also known as 'Oíche Shamhna.' Children dress up in costumes and go door to door to receive treats called 'treaties.' One of the most popular costumes in Ireland is a ghost. 

People make noises outside people's houses by banging on doors or windows with wooden sticks, which is called 'turning out the lights.' If you answer the door when someone knocks, you get a treat!


In Mexico, children go trick-or-treating in groups of three. One child is dressed as a devil, one as a witch, and one as a pumpkin. 

The children knock on doors shouting Cinco de Mayo! They receive candy if they sing a song or recite a poem.


In Spain, people celebrate with elaborate costumes on November 1st, called Día de los Muertos. This celebration is known as All Saints' Day or Day of the Dead. It honors those who have died. 

People all over Spain build altars in their homes to honor their dead relatives by placing flowers, photographs, and favorite foods on them.


In Japan, kids go trick-or-treating on October 31st. The children dress up as ghosts or animals, carrying lanterns as they knock on their neighbors' doors. They are given treats such as fruit or nuts in return for a verse recited to whoever answers the door. 

This verse traditionally goes I am the ghost of such-and-such, but sometimes it's just Trick or Treat. Many other traditional costumes in Japan vary by region, including but not limited to animal costumes like foxes, bears, tigers, and rabbits; children might also dress up as famous characters like Hello Kitty or Totoro.

United Kingdom

In Britain, people traditionally play pranks on one another by dressing up as ghosts or witches. This is often done when someone moves into a new house. 

The trick-or-prankster will dress up in a scary costume and knock on their victim's door to see if they are home. They will put an eerie face in the window to scare them if they are home. 

Once they have been scared of this trick, it is time for them to visit other nearby houses to continue their spree of spooky tricks!

United States

Halloween is when children dress up in a costume, grab some candy, and go door-to-door asking for treats. 

It's also about dressing up as something scary or funny for adults! In America, this holiday is celebrated by pumpkin carving contests, haunted houses, themed parties, and more. 

As long as you're safe about it (and don't forget to wear your costume at home!), there's nothing better than celebrating this spooky holiday with your friends and family!

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