5 home trends you'll love (and your wallet will, too)

5 home trends you'll love (and your wallet will, too)

The home trends of tomorrow depend on the design choices we make today, so if you're planning a remodel shortly, you might be interested in checking out these 5 home trends you'll love, and your wallet will, too!

Home Decor Trends

  1. Statement Mirrors - Big or small, mirrors are a great way to give room depth and perspective without spending much money. Remember that when shopping for one! 
  2. Throw Pillows - A new trend that has yet to lose its glamour! Showcase the newest ones in your home 
  3. Area Rugs - No need for expensive carpets now that rugs are fashionable again 
  4. Multipurpose Pieces - If a table is good at one thing, it should be multipurpose and able to function as something else 
  5. Mixing Patterns - Picking colors and styles goes against the trending idea of matching everything but mixing two contrasting patterns can be fun

Kitchen Trends

Some of the hottest kitchen styles to keep an eye on right now:

  1. Homes with unfinished wood floors are popular. Plenty of kitchens in this style showcase them with dark cabinets and lighter countertops. 
  2. There's also been a lot of talk about sleek, contemporary designs that focus more on function than traditional aesthetics. Remember the backsplash, though - this kitchen trend is about keeping those messes off the floor! 
  3. Glass tiles are getting significant attention as one of the best choices for new spaces. And don't worry folks; they come in virtually every color imaginable! That means it's always been challenging to design a space that reflects your personal style, no matter what vibe you're going for.

Bathroom Trends

Researching what would best suit your tastes is worth it for any budget - shopping around for a few hours can save you money and hassle you in the long run when budget constraints are considered.

Bedroom Trends

As people begin to downsize and invest in what is important to them, bedroom trends have shrunk from family-sized beds to studio apartments. The minimalistic style has grown more popular. It helps create an open plan while also saving on space and money. 

There are different ways you can include this trend in your current area. You could add a wall with curtain panels or a slatted headboard behind a bed with a low headboard.

Outdoor Living Trends

More and more homeowners are looking for a space to entertain outdoors that's functional, comfortable, and beautiful. A new trend is outdoor living rooms with fireplaces. Others want gorgeous kitchens outside that easily transition into entertaining spaces. 

Homeowners can also get creative with outdoor kitchens by building them right on the deck or patio or installing one at the end of a long extension at one end of the deck or patio as another area for casual dining in addition to a formal dining room inside.

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