Exploring Africa by Train: The Best Eco-Friendly Train Trips

Exploring Africa by Train: The Best Eco-Friendly Train Trips

Africa is one of the most beautiful continents on Earth, with natural diversity that will leave you breathless. 

From tall waterfalls that'll make you feel as small as an ant to massive tropical forests, Africa is also home to more than 50 countries and hundreds of languages, people, and cultures. 

With so many amazing sights to see, it can take time to decide where to go first. To help with this decision, we've compiled some of the best eco-friendly train trips in Africa that are sure to give you an adventure you'll never forget.

Cape Town - Johannesburg

Suppose you're looking for more comfort but want to keep your green credentials. The train trip from Cape Town to Johannesburg is an excellent option for an eco-friendly trip in Africa, with 4 different train companies offering daily departures, including the Blue Train. The Blue Train offers luxury, vintage flair, and elegance to this route. 

In that case, the Shosholoza Meyl train offers a comfortable first-class sleeper carriage and an economy class that includes meals and refreshments. It's a ride fit for royalty with luxurious dining cars and panoramic viewing decks. 

You can also take the Rovos Rail, one of the world's longest luxury trains, taking two days and nights from Johannesburg to Cape Town.

Nairobi - Mombasa

Nairobi is the capital of Kenya, and Mombasa is the country's principal port city on the coast. A train trip between these two places takes about 24 hours and provides plenty of opportunity to see rural Kenyan life up close. Just be sure to bring your passport with you when boarding. 

You'll want to pack a water supply for the journey and avoid any food you can't peel or open yourself.

Victoria Falls to Livingstone

You'll make stops in Bulawayo and Ndola. Bulawayo is Zimbabwe's second-largest city, while Ndola is Zambia's third-largest city and the capital of the Copperbelt region. 

The train will also stop in Livingstone, where you can see the famous Victoria Falls, tour the town center, or explore independently. 

Livingstone is Zambia's busiest tourist destination due to its proximity to the Falls, so it offers a variety of attractions, including game parks, bungee jumping, water sports, boat cruises on Lake Kariba, and more! The train trip from Victoria Falls to Livingstone takes about 12 hours.

Addo Elephant Park

The Addo Elephant Park is a major attraction. It is the largest game reserve in South Africa and also one of the most successful breeding grounds for elephants in the world. It's located a stone's throw from Port Elizabeth and is easily accessible by train. 

One of the best things about visiting Addo Elephant Park on a train trip is that you'll get to see the sprawling landscape of this region, with its vineyards, wetlands, forests, and lakes.

Durban - Johannesburg

Durban to Johannesburg is a good option if you want a leisurely train trip with incredible scenery. Two classes of trains run on this route: the Blue Train and the Shosholoza Meyl. 

The Blue Train takes passengers from Durban to Johannesburg in about 18 hours. This is an overnight train, so it's not recommended for children. 

It has four categories of cabins - Standard Cabin, Superior Cabin, Deluxe Cabin, and Presidential Suite.

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