8 Chic and Inexpensive Birthday Gifts for the Fabulous Woman in Your Life

8 Chic and Inexpensive Birthday Gifts for the Fabulous Woman in Your Life

Finding the perfect birthday gift for an adult woman can be difficult, especially if you're on a tight budget. On top of that, you may not know exactly what she's been wanting or hoping to receive from you – though you probably have a good idea! 

To help you find the right birthday gift, we've created 8 chic and inexpensive gifts your favorite lady will love and appreciate, no matter her age or personality type. And, while they're all great ideas, you should take notes on two in particular...they are our favorites!

#1 - A wine night out

A wine night out is a great way to spend an evening with your best gal pal. If you're hosting, set up a cheese board, order some appetizers, or whip up a special meal. This gift idea can be done at home or out on the town. 

Then invite her over and enjoy some delicious vino while watching your favorite chick flick. If you're going out, pick a fun restaurant that serves excellent cocktails and appetizers, like Bonefish Grill or Fleming's Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar.

#2 - A framed photograph of two

Pictures are a great way to capture life's most memorable moments. However, they can be difficult to frame and expensive to print. By framing your own photos at home, you save time, money, and effort. Plus, you'll have a unique keepsake that you can cherish forever. Here's how:

  • Purchase inexpensive frames from stores like IKEA or Target. They come in many sizes, colors, and styles, making them perfect for every photo or occasion. Choose one that suits the theme of your image, or choose one with a clean look for a modern picture. 
  • If you're using an 8x10 inch frame, cut down your 8x10 inch photograph to fit inside. To ensure it fits perfectly into the mat opening on the back of the frame without being too tight (which could warp it), leave about 1/2 inch between the mat's edge and the photo's edge when cutting it down. 
  • Carefully insert the photo into the frame, ensuring not to smudge anything. You might need to tape or glue loose edges if they pop out while inserting them. 
  • When removing backing paper off a new picture, line up where you want your picture and stick it right onto the glass part of the frame before removing all other backing paper, as this will prevent smudging and warping. 
  • Clean any fingerprints off with a soft cloth and wrap the gift up!

#3 - An illuminated diffuser

An illuminated diffuser is a perfect gift for busy women with demanding schedules. 

She can use it to create a soothing environment by using essential oils to make her home smell incredible, or she can use it to set a romantic mood by filling her room with soft light.

#4 - A professional photoshoot

Professional photos will always be cherished. Who wouldn't want a beautiful photo of themselves on their birthday? A professional photo shoot is a thoughtful gift that is sure to put a smile on her face.

#5 - A day trip

A day trip is a great gift idea because it has a low cost but can be much more valuable than that. Take your lucky lady to her dream destination with this thoughtful gift. 

You don't have to spend much money on this gift, but it will be one she'll never forget.

#6 - Coffee or tea set

Coffee and tea are two of the most popular beverages in the world. They both have health benefits, taste great, and can be enjoyed anytime with friends or family. 

If you want to give your special lady a gift she will often use, consider buying her a coffee or tea set.

#7 - The complete works of your favorite author

If you're looking for a birthday present that will make her feel special but want to save money, consider giving her a copy of your favorite author's complete works. Whether it's Jane Austen or J.D. Salinger, she'll love knowing that you think she's brilliant. 

Plus, this gift is thoughtful and inexpensive!

#8 - Dance class vouchers

Dance class vouchers are perfect for anyone who likes to shake their tail feather. You can get these from your local dance studio. When you give a gift certificate, they'll put it in a fancy envelope with a gift card inside to make it look extra special. 

This is a great idea because then she gets to choose her favorite instructor or style of dance.

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